It all started in 1997, with a few volunteers! Since then, Viva has consolidated as an NGO over the years, counting on more than a thousand volunteers with the same passion: to tell stories.

What drives us is the privilege of being able to improve the day of hospitalized children and adolescents. Today, Viva has grown and a lot! We operate in São Paulo and other cities and states of the country. Our mission is to bring health, culture, and education through the passion for reading and playing.



Curso de voluntários contadores de histórias




Entrevista Valdir Cimino na rádio Vibe Mundial




Estudo revela que contações de histórias ajudam crianças internadas




Since 1997.
Viva has impacted more than 2.7 million people

All the courses and events we promote, whether in person or remotely, are designed to promote humanization and volunteering content.