It is a civil society organization, defined by Law No. 13,204 of 2015 as a private non-profit entity that applies its results fully in the achievement of its social objective. It was created in August 1997 and is made up of volunteers - mostly storytellers - who provide their voluntary service free of charge and under the terms of Federal Law 9608, of February 18, 1998. The Association gathers more than a thousand active volunteers and is present in hospitals in São Paulo and other states and cities in Brazil.

Since 1997, the Viva e Deixe Viver Association has become a model for other social initiatives, mainly NGOs linked to children and adolescents. Our volunteers participate in an extensive and qualified training course. Only those who commit to carry out its mission, advocate for its cause, share the same vision, and abide by the same principles remain in the Viva Association.


Through the art of storytelling, we form citizens who are aware of the importance of welcoming and who produce well-being based on human values such as empathy, ethics, and affection.


A society built on humanized relationships.


To be recognized as a Civil Society Organization that develops citizens to do voluntary work in a conscious, committed, and constant way. To be a reference in education and culture by promoting continued education activities.


We work ethically. We work in integrated teams and respect individuality. We do not discriminate against race, color, creed, religion, political parties, sexual orientation, or power of acquisition. We do not allow institutional political-partisan use of our Association. We believe in and encourage the constant training of each individual.