Brasília – DF


Viva's affiliate in Brasília started its activities between the years 2006 and 2007. Since then, we have worked hard to establish partnerships with institutions and people who believe in volunteer work and in the humanization of health care, considering these precepts indispensable for a comprehensive, quality care for children and adolescents who seek hospital and outpatient care.

- Ceilândia Regional Hospital - HRC
- Maternal and Child Hospital of Brasilia - HMIB

Responsible Committee:

Leda Dal Magro de Meneses
Priscila dos Santos Castello Branco
Leila Miguez Salgado
Renata Silva de Oliveira
Gilberto Alves Barbosa
Marlúcia Santos



Story Sundays

We also have the "Story Sundays" project, which consists of promoting storytelling for children and adults, as well as playful and creative encounters, completely free of charge. They always take place on the second Sunday of every month, at Ana Lídia Park, which is integrated to the City Park of Brasília, the Sarah Kubischek Park.

Always from 10am to 12pm, we hold the Sunday presentations. In them, children and adults can get a glimpse of the beauty of fables and tales. Each event is organized by Viva's Storytellers, bringing great authors to the audience.

Because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the activities are suspended, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. As soon as the pandemic is over activities will return to normal! We look forward to it.

Spread the word, attend, and honor the gateway to the World of Stories.