Building knowledge

It all started a long time ago, approximately 20 years ago, when I met Valdir Cimino and learned of his dream of telling stories. But the partnership between Viva and Senac materialized in 2014, when we met again and the universe was conspiring in our favor. The idea came up as a way to involve Senac students and storytellers through the conception and execution of handmade books with different themes that would meet a specific demand. In addition, the books were to be printed on a home printer and assembled in a simplified way by the storytellers themselves to be taken to the hospitals.

To do so, the project follows these steps:

Definition of the central and peripheral theme;

Definition of the primary and secondary target audience;

Studies and positioning of books of similar themes at the point of sale;

Definition of book format and dimensions;

Studies of illustration, layout, typography, and color palette;

Substrate definition and file closing for printing on A4 home printer;

Study of possibilities for assembling the books and production of the illustrated step-by-step manual.

The experience of living this partnership has shown amazing results, the Graphic Design Bachelor students from several periods work together, bringing the knowledge they acquired during the course and more than this, bringing their hearts. What actually happens is a mixture of technique and affection. This process of learning and self-knowledge leads us to reflect and ponder how much we are agents of transformation.
This story will never end, we are always trying, year after year, to contribute by bringing new possibilities for reading objects, involving the storytellers, Senac students, and our main goal, the children and young people in hospitals.