I tell stories!

Read the 60 shortlisted stories of the I Tell! Game Literature Award

The Hunt
The Mysterious City
The Smart Fairy
The King's Party
The Verdant Forest
The Big Choice
The Witch's Lesson
Almost Unrequited love
There is an age for love
Clumsy Anita
The Pot and the Stethoscope
Only for those who have purity in their heart
The Princess
The Princess and the Ring
Sometimes punishment comes to bear!
Chimbica and her fairy
Fragrant city
Kid's Stuff
Building bonds
Once Upon a time...
Fairy for a day
Family is family
Happiness by the kilo!
Haunted stories for humorous children
Fear of going to the dentist
The Ring and Time
The Hunter friend
The dog storyteller
The Carpenter
The Cat and His Friends
The cat that didn't want to be a rabbit
The guard in trouble
The Goo Boy
The wise boy from Pokemon to doctor
The mystery of the Enchanted brush
The Cook Daddy
The Perfume
The Miracle Perfume
Sleeping Prince
The Prince of the Shining Sun Planet
The Prince and the Throne
The Abduction
The Kingdom of Joy
The two worlds
The secret of the island and Maristela
The Princess' Secret
The Bright Smile
Peter and the pressure cooker
Saved by the Princess
Dreams almost interrupted
Beauty treatment
The Heavyweight Trio
A nice tummy ache
A sweet lesson
An unforgettable trip
A very crazy tale
A day at the ranch
A very strange picnic
A little of each