North Coast - SP

We started our activities in the North Coast through the city of Ubatuba, in April 2017, Viva! What a birthday present! In partnership with the coordinator of social psychologist Violeta Dib Cimino, we were able to promote the training of volunteers to operate in hospitals and to hold the Humanization Forum, which is already in its third edition.

In 2019, the course was taught only for hospital employees. We had the emergence of new activities with the management of Santa Casa de Ubatuba and were able to expand our performance in the health area.

In these actions, we were able to bring and make health professionals aware of the importance of the contemporary volunteer and communication between users, collaborators, and health managers, as well as storytelling and playing, as the main goal of promoting health humanization.

We had the presence of many employees from several areas of Ubatuba's Santa Casa Hospital, as well as representatives from the city's health care units, UNIR, and volunteers who were looking for more practical knowledge.

We talked about the principles and guidelines of the world of humanization in health and education, clarified the synthesis of the Viva e Deixe Viver Association, played together with the I Tell Game, meditated, and breathed with consciousness.

From heart to hearts, we were all together and involved in the search for more affective and conscious relationships, with commitment and constancy in the universe of Humanization.

Ubatuba hospitals:
- Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital of Ubatuba

Health Department of Ubatuba

Radio Beira Mar

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