Marília – SP

On the 10th anniversary of Viva e Deixe Viver, we started activities in Marília, in the countryside of São Paulo. There, we have also grown and have 45 volunteers: 40 storytellers and 5 doers - who work outside the hospitals.


- Maternal and Child Hospital - Pediatric and maternity ward
- Hemocentre - day Hospital, outpatient, chemotherapy, transfusion and waiting room
- Hospital of clinics - living room of psychiatric hospitalization

SANTA CASA de Misericórdia de Marilia,working in the pediatric ward, chemotherapy, UTQ and Hemodialysis.

SÃO FRANCISCO DE PAULO Elderly Care Home, storytelling and art therapy with residents of the home.

At BLOOD CENTER - FAMEMA, volunteers carry out the "Waiting Room" project. In partnership with the Social Service and nursing, volunteers read stories and texts to waiting patients, continuing the SUS [Brazilian Universal Health System] Project for Humanizing Health.

Since 2012 through the Rouanet Law, it has carried out the following projects:
- Story Invites, book donations for children in public schools.
- Training of new volunteers
- Constant training of its current volunteers
- Viva Web

Phones: +55 14 98139 0723