The Association is a pioneer in conducting surveys on volunteering. We have identified, through the surveys, not only the profile of the volunteers, but also the analysis of the storytellers' verbal behavior; the value of the volunteer's working hour, as well as follow up of the development and execution of the projects we have conceived and their impact on the health of the population we serve.

Since 1997, Viva has used the paper diary as a tool to measure the quantity and quality of our actions. In 2015 Viva comes of age. Adulthood with modernity. It now makes the electronic diary available to its employees, volunteer storytellers and story-makers, a tool that aims to facilitate gathering of information and reduce the use of paper. Ecology and humanization of technology going hand in hand.

The Electronic Diary is an important communication channel between the various audiences impacted by the Association's storytelling volunteers.

Through this tool it is possible to understand the value of Viva's mission. The content of the diaries arriving from all over Brazil brings information that tells how the performance was, who they are, and how the people who participated in the storytelling activities behaved. Valuable information for health professionals. For these reasons affiliates/associates, as part of their responsibility, must periodically send Viva the updated volunteer mailing! This is the only way to maintain qualitative control and assessment of the volunteer work provided. Through a digital platform, which can be accessed from any internet-connected communication device (computer, tablet, or cell phone), the storyteller/story-creator must enter information about his/her activity at the hospital or from another location. All this information is necessary to make it possible to value and appreciate volunteer work. Since 2012, in compliance with CFC Resolution 1409/12, we have presented in our social and fiscal balance sheet the data related to the input of the value/hour of Viva's volunteers.