Recife – PE

We tell and enchant with stories and playful activities, the children and teenagers hospitalized and/or assisted in the six partner institutions of the Viva e Deixe Viver Association in Recife. With an affective and unique approach, we promote the construction of unique moments, which are marked in the affective memory of children, adolescents, family members, and health professionals, who have on several occasions benefited from our playfulness, during the performance of therapeutic procedures. At each visit, the storytelling volunteer is enriched with unforgettable encounters, which contribute to strengthen reading, education, culture, and playing, elements that certainly favor the recovery of the health and well-being of these children and teenagers.

The constancy of this voluntary and humanizing work in the Recife health area started in November 2003, pioneering at AACD and currently, with more than 70 volunteers distributed in the following institutions:

- AACD - Association for Assistance to Disabled Children
– GAC-PE Grupo de Ajuda à Criança Carente com Câncer – Pernambuco
- Maria Lucinda Children's Hospital
- Oswaldo Cruz University Hospital - HUOC
- Helena Moura Pediatric Hospital
- Professor Fernando Figueira Integral Medicine Institute - IMIP

All this beautiful work in Recife is coordinated by Ana Inês Pina, who has the support of the leaders, known as team leaders, in each of the institutions mentioned, and who, besides working as storytellers, follow up, integrate, and stimulate her work team.

Responsible for the Recife Coordination: Ana Inês Pina
Phone: +55 (81) 99949-9006 (business hours)