Be a volunteer

We are somewhat biased, but it is so good to be a volunteer! It is amazing how it is possible to foster Health Education and Culture through our content. Taking reading, playing, and stories wherever we go is the first step towards transforming the clinical care and hospitalization of children and adolescents who are going through difficult times into a more joyful, healthy, pleasant, and therapeutic moment. We contribute to the well-being of the children themselves, their parents, families, and the entire multidisciplinary team.

We would be incredibly happy if you wanted to become a volunteer. But some requirements must be met:


  • Know our Mission, Cause, Principles and Vision, and agree with them.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be available to work once a week for 2 hours at the hospital and participate in the training workshops to perfect the art and activity of storytelling, which are always held at the Association's headquarters.
  • Have a liking for, research, and keep up to date on children's literature.
  • Have a passion for reading, be willing to study children's books, and be interested in being a Storyteller, because all the activities developed in the hospital are based exclusively on the presentation of stories and the use of books.
  • Understand that the volunteer work done here is not considered an internship.
  • Do not seek job placement in the hospitals that are partners of Associação Viva e Deixe Viver.

Get ready:

The Volunteer Training Course will include lectures, experiences, dynamics, and training sessions at hospitals, with the aim of assessing the essential requirements for working in the hospital environment and your willingness to perform volunteer work with commitment and responsibility.

Inscrições encerradas para o Curso de Formação de Voluntários 2023. Saiba mais sobre o curso, click here.