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LIFE - Integral Appreciation of Adolescence

What is it?

In 2007, Viva e Deixe Viver began to interact with children's patients who had reached adolescence, between one story and another, showed courage, persistence, and much intelligence to claim that the health environment could also be a space of culture, information, art, and leisure. Therefore, with the support of Ideafix Institutional Studies and partnership with Santa Casa de Misericórdia de SP and Emilio Ribas Infectiology Institute, they carried out this same year the research with health professionals and adolescent patients with chronic diseases, with the objective of identifying the gaps that exist in the humanization of the treatment of these patients and the main demands of adolescents. To view the results, click here


Promote adolescent medicine by integrating the subjects that produce health. Reflection on young people's own health and the appreciation of life and freedom.

Target audience : Students and health professionals, education and volunteer work, young patients, their companions, and families.

Class schedule:

1st module
Compliance and adherence to treatment
Presentation of the concepts of adherence and adherence to treatment involving the family as a motivating factor in improving the well being of the adolescent's life

2nd module
Discovery, information and living with the disease
The increase of chronic diseases among children and adolescents requires knowledge that integrates health care and social environment.

3rd module
Interdependence: families, friends, and health professionals
One of the greatest challenges in contemporary times has been learning about teamwork. The interdependence between the subjects who produce health united by affection, collaborates with awareness and promotion for a humanized culture for society

4th module
The Aesthetics of Prejudice
Knowing how to face prejudice in a wise and intelligent way, without losing reason is part of the maturity of the human being. The globalized diversity allows us to explore the potentialities of human development: skills and competencies for an ethical and aesthetic posture.

5th module
Sexuality: discovery and prevention
Education planned in partnership with Health will play an important role in the sexuality of children, guiding them in their daily lives, where the educator and the caregiver can teach and guide safely and go beyond taboos. The participation of the family or caregivers is of utmost importance to strengthen the concept of "learning to learn".

6th module
Human Relations: Personal Appreciation and Self-Esteem
Improvement in human relations, improvement in the quality of personal and work life, valuing self-esteem and physical and mental health among the subjects that produce health.

7th Module Public Policy and Humanization of Health Care
As a public policy, the concept of HUMANIZATION brings together organized civil society, government, and private organizations to reflect and act through guidelines and devices that guarantee integral care, participative management, and appreciation of the health professional.

8th Module
The Information Age: communication/culture/social networks: globalized society
Communication theory and its relationship with other fields of knowledge and the various modalities of contemporary society

9th module
Rights and duties of the adolescent patient
The exercise of citizenship is to realize the direct relationship between Rights and Duties. Ignorance about Rights exempts us from our obligations. The personal responsibility of each one will result in the commitment to the family, including affection, education, and work.

10th module
Education: hunger for knowledge
Identification and reflection about the relationship between educator and student to contribute to the teaching-learning process so that health promotion is developed through transversality among the disciplines that make up the course.


Future and Sustainability - August 24th from 9am to 12pm
Dates : August 26th to September 30th, every Monday and Wednesday
Schedule : 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Total workload 30 hours

Location USP Nursing School - Av. Dr. Enéas Carvalho de Aguiar, 419 – Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP, 05403-000


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