Jarbas Homem de Melo – O Livro do Futuro

Claudia Ohana – Flicts

Paulo de Souza – O pequeno príncipe

Antonio Fagundes – O tigre que queria voar

Mel Lisboa – Marcelo, Marmelo, Martelo

Alexandra Richter – Tarsilinha

Your donation is very important to multiply these unique moments with the hospitalized children, full of fantasy, love, joy, affection and lots of emotion!

Video who we are

In 26 anos of Operation Viva has already impacted
2.7 million people

We are more than a thousand volunteers who tell stories to children in 88 hospitais across the country, and due to this new reality, we had to suspend our in-person activities.

To continue with our purpose, we reinvented ourselves through strategies that bring us closer to this network that annually impacts more than 220 thousand citizens, including 62 thousand of whom are children from 0 to 6 years old. This includes children, adolescents, family members, health and education professionals.

We are engaged in making the art of storytelling present in hospital, family, and educational environments , ensuring learning, affection, and fun for all.

Spread love, tell stories,, help us spread this activity so that together we can contribute to a more humane, collaborative, and caring world,, colaborativo e cuidadoso, with imagination and creativity to take advantage of the digital media tools we have at the moment, and make the best out of it.